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Countryside Shopping Village has grown over the past two decades into the centre of commercial activity in the eastern districts. Residents and businesses in this large area have come to rely on availability of anything they need, right there in Savannah, eliminating the need to go into George Town. Anchor businesses include Cayman National Bank, Foster’s Food Fair and A.L. Thompson’s.

Savannah is the centre of a series of residential communities in this part of Grand Cayman. It is a thriving community, growing quickly, but dedicated to family and strong community values.

61 West Apartments is a mixed-use development that offers a combination of 20 apartments and 4 retail stores conveniently located in close proximity to popular beach attractions such as Boggy Sand and West Bay Beach.

The complex caters to tenants with a range of lifestyle needs as is a 3-minute walk to Centennial Towers, which features a gym, pharmacy, bank, grocery store, and restaurants. Our retail stores, which include Mimosas Nail & Hair Studio, Baby Boutique & Fashion, Graze Girl & Bloom Studios, and Pink Palm Studio, add to the diversity of the complex’s offerings.

Centennial Towers has it all – you’ll find all the essential stores such as a pharmacy, bank, 24/7 gym, grocery store, restaurants, hair salon & more.

Additionally, our ample parking makes it easy for you to get here, while the option to walk to nearby Boggy Sand and West Bay Beach provides a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At Centennial Towers, we aim to provide all the conveniences you need, all under one roof.